Dadang Geminar Suprayogi (Gemi)

Graduated from Australia. Ex director of YTL Malaysia. For more than 20 years Gemi involved in agriculture and plantation business. Gemi also involved in community development for farmer and Islamic communities through his network. His role now as community and government relations in Mobisaria.

Rahmat Susanta (Rahmat)

Graduated from Economic Faculty University of Indonesia and master in E-commerce. For more than 20 years he has working as business and marketing consultant. After serving to many blue chip company in Indonesia, Rahmat now is helping many micro and small business enterprises to get access of market, finance and modern business environment. He’s now acting as marketing and loyalty program specialist.

Budi Purnomo (Budi)

Ex president of Pinbuk, center of micro finance and business development. Graduated from Gadjah Mada University and now he is one of distinguished micro finance expert in Indonesia. For more than 25 years he helped many MFI such cooperative, BMT and BPT. He als worked as consultant in Asian Development Bank (ADB) and staff of National Committee of Economic and Industry. Now he is a micro finance system developer in Mobisaria.

Aslichan Burhan (Aslichan)

President of Pinbuk. Through Pinbuk, he involves in developing sharia micro finance institution. His expertise in sharia financial system has been used by many Islamic organization to establish sharia cooperatives in Indonesia. He is now trusted by Government as a member of team to develop wakaf bank. In Mobisaria, Aslichan is monitoring sharia compliance and making relationship with BMT’s and Islamic communities.

San San Hasanudin (San San)

Ex Director of USSI Pinbuk, IT company under Pinbuk. San San has involved for many years in developing digital platform for hundreds of cooperatives and BMT’s in Indonesia. Now San San is Chief of Technology in Mobisaria.


Ex Director of USSI Pinbuk, Agus is developer for micro finance apps. For more than 5 years, Agus has involved in developing core, management system and mobile apps for many BMT’s in Indonesia. Now Agus is Chief of Technology for Mobis Link.