For over 120 million Indonesians, secure banking is a major problem. These people live in rural areas where access to secure banking options is limited. Many villagers do not have bank accounts and some have resorted to unsecure and often dangerous practices such as borrowing money from loan sharks.

Villagers have turned to alternative financial institutions such as cooperatives, credit unions and BMT (Baitul Maal). Over the years, these institutions have become important mainstays of rural areas that have provided saving solutions and loan services.

Built by the community in the spirit of togetherness and religious piety, BMTs as a concept espouses an islamic financial system that is relied upon by millions of Indonesians. However, many BMTs still fall short in accessibility, as well as having limited benefits and services for members.

Mobisaria seeks to provide solutions to BMTs by providing a platform that integrates BMTs values, services and benefits in a single digital one-hand one-click solution. With Mobisaria, elements in the rural ecosystems such as farmers, fishermen, micro businesses, schools, households, and other distribution channels, will be given access to finance management systems.

With the support of the Indonesian government, this platform has allowed rural areas and villages to flourish as centers of growth. Mobisaria helps to bridge the gap between traditional values of the people and the modernization of today’s society, providing everyone with unlimited choices and paving the way for a brighter future for all generations.