Core System

From DOS, one tier application (file based), two tier (SQL-server based) up to four tier application (web-base, application, server, switching). This core system is always adopting the latest BI and OJK policy such as monthly report, customer information system, know your customers(KYK), PSAK, and APPU

Branchless System

Supporting apps to expand service of MFI using smartphone and mobile printer. IBS branchless system empowers IBF to serve customers in remote area.

Mobile Banking

Apps for MFI to create financial digital to their customers. IBS mobile has been connecting to IBS core system, bank and online payment gateway (PLN, Telkom, PDAM, etc).

Automatic Teller System (ATM)

Connecting IBS to Bank’s ATM. IBS system has linked into many banks in Indonesia. With IBS ATM, MFI has ability to enjoy bank system and increases customer satisfaction.

Chip Based Technology

Chip based card transaction system. The system can use server based (transaction will be updated online) and card based (transaction will be stored into card).