Riyadlul Jannah

Islamic boarding school, located in Pacet village, East Java with more than 2.000 students. The mobile apps was created to help students and parents to do transaction such as payment, transfer money, etc.

BMT El Dana Manfaat

Established in 2010, BMT El Dana Manfaat was established to release villagers from loan shark practices. In 2016, El Dana got license as cooperatives.

All activities of El Dana focuses on managing their agents who offer saving and loan to villagers in remote area. Now El Dana has 55 agents who contributed to get 3.000 members.

The apps is developed to digitalize their agent so they become digital branchless point of El Dana.

BMT 071

Located in Kotawaringin, a village in Central Kalimantan. BMT 071 is unit of Koperasi Kube Sehatera which has many branches in Kalimantan island.

With Borne Apps, BMT 071 has vision to digitalize their members so they can do transaction easily, fast and secure.

Koperasi Karyawan RSUD Kota Bogor

As a part of services to member, cooperative, one big hospital in Bogor city has initiation to develop mobile apps. This app is used by members to do financial transaction and generate new income for cooperative through sharing revenue system.

Koperasi Kamila

Electronic channel for member of cooperative to access financial information and do financial transaction.


Generic app to help Islamic community to develop digital sharia cooperative instantly.